Tuesday, September 16, 2008

He is doing what?

A couple years ago Marathon Man Dean Karnazes came into Wilmington to run his 47th consecutive marathon in 47 days on his way to running all 50 states in 50 days. I got to chat with him that day and to tell you the truth.....he is the real deal. Today I was riding a stationary bike at the JCC just prior to my physical therapy appt. On the tv above was the Regis and Kelly Live tv show. I never watch this show unless i happen to be at a gym that has it on. Kelly comes on to let us know that Dean Karnazes was in New York getting ready to start a 48 hour run. Yep....you heard me....48 hours. And on a treadmill no less. He is trying to run 241 miles to set a new world record. So for those of you who can't sleep and want to check on his progress here is the link to the web cam following the action.
Just click on the icon on the right hand column. Don't fall asleep watching.