Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sold Out!

We only handle two events that we cap participants. One is my DE Marathon and the other my Sprint Tri at St. Andrews School. To be honest with you I really do not like to cap events but in both these cases we have to due to the nature of the routes and locations. We sold out our De Marathon last week with the 600 runners. My tri sold out with 250 participants. When I staged the first DE Marathon back in 2004 we did not have a cap on participants and we even advertised race morning sign ups. What a mistake. Little did I know that so many would enter a 26.2 mile race on event day. With this huge day of race registration we ran out of tee shirts, finisher medals, and refreshments. When we cap an event it is to make sure ALL who register are treated fairly and we have adequate supplies i.e, food, water, tees, cups, medals etc. I have received so many requests asking to join the marathon this year. All have excuses and all have been emailed the same answer. "I will place you on our wait list." I understand that we will have NO shows race day. Hopefully I will be able to get all these folks in our marathon. Stay tuned.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Very cool.

It is Sunday morning and I sit in my recliner watching the weather channel. I get a text message from my operations director Joel Schiller that he is in my neighborhood leading the group of bikers (thank you Brandywine Cyclery) who will be leading the marathon, half marathon and relay teams on May 17th. They are doing this for a couple reasons. get a good look at the route and two see how traffic is on a Sunday morning. I went outside and watched the pack leave Wawaset Park and head down Bancroft Pkwy to 9th Street. They would do the Union Street / Lilttle Italy loop and then head back to Bancroft Pkwy where I live. Barb and I went outside to wait. I got to tell you....even on a test trial like this I was really excited to see the group of bikers coming down Bancroft. Joel was in his car leading the way with his flashers on. It would be neat to have a clock on the lead vehicle to let spectators know what the running time is so this is something we can work on. It was a cool moment. All the planning, all the logistics, all coming together. In a small way this reminded me of when I would head up to Boston to watch the Boston Marathon. I use to watch at a friends house on Heartbreak Hill. As the leaders approached first came the police on motorcycles, then the press truck, then folks on bikes, then here come the runners. Talk about excitement....the parade of runners just kept everyone cheering. I would hope that those is the local neighborhoods will come out and support the runners. We have done a lit drop to all homes on the route letting them know about the race and time schedule. This is going to be cool.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Days

Tonight is a special occasion for Barb and I. Twenty years ago we staged the Inaugural Ronald McDonald House of DE 5k. This 5k took place during the construction of the Ron McD House. The start and finish was on Rockland Road where the House now stands. Barb was on the first Ronald McD board and she contacted me about staging a 5k as a fundraiser for the house. Little did I know that that conversation would eventually change my life. Barb kept calling and calling and soon enough I realized that she was a special lady. I remember telling a good friend of mine, "if I don't marry this women I am out of my mind." So on the opening night of the Ronald House of Delaware I asked Barb to marry me. That was June 7th 1991. On November 2nd we got married in the living room of the Ronald House and the rest is history. We picked that date because Penn State was playing an away game in football. Tonight marks the 20th Anniversary of our first 5k fundraiser. We both use to volunteer every Tuesday night at the house and to this day we stay involved. This will be the first year I will miss the race due to my surgery. Beside my Barbie I believe Ralph McKinney will mark his 20th consecutive Ron McD 5k. This years 5k is back on the grounds of the duPont Hospital for Children. For those running and walking tonight just a note that you folks really do make a difference. Barb and I thank you for your support.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What a weekend......

First of all i just want to thank everyone for the cards, emails, and phone calls. I was humbled by all the kindness. I arrived at Wilm. Hospital at 6:30 am on Friday. Went into surgery at 9 am and was in my hospital room by 10 am. I was walking the hallways later that day with a walker. Friday night was uneventful. I was on meds so did not feel much pain. Sat. I had two physical therapy sessions. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Plus I took a couple loops around the hall using my walker. Sat. pm at around 6pm I was in agony. I guess the physical therapy was a bit much but by midnight and more meds I was able to relax and get some sleep. Sunday morning I felt really good. Went to physical therapy and took my walk around the hallway. My doctors assistant came in and checked up on me. He took my bandage off and asked if I would like to head home. "YES!" Thank you very much. So after lunch and physical therapy I used a walker to get from front door of hospital to Barb picking me up in our SUV. I once again used the walker to enter my house and then crashed on my recliner in my living room. That was pretty much the last of the walker. I switched to a cane and was able to walk with no real issues. I slept in my recliner Sunday and Monday nights. Kind of like sleeping in first class section on an overseas flight. Slept pretty good. Monday I was able to take a shower and shave. Wow....did that feel good. With taking meds you have a tendency to get constipated. I had not pooped since Friday morning. Tues. morning was a breakthrough......pooped twice, showered, shaved and feel so much better. Tomorrow I start physical therapy with Elite PT. Rudy and Hash will beat me up but that is what I expect. I will most likely take off the next couple weeks and continue to delegate my events to my staff. My doctor told me I was bone on bone with major arthritis. And now I am the titanium man! See you all soon.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


April 15th.....we all know the to get those taxes in the mail. If late Uncle Sam will send you a notice that you have been penalized and out comes the check book one more time. Funny....I usually don't get that many voice messages on my work phone. But yesterday I had 19 messages. Not because folks were asking for tax help but many were looking to beat the pre race deadline for our Think First 5k and also for our Delaware marathon. I returned all calls and did my best to accommodate their requests. Just human nature to wait till the last minute not only for signing up for events but paying your taxes too. I would guess we received close to 200 entries for our marathon Monday and Tues. Many relay teams came in as did the half and marathon entries. I could write more but I have to get to my accountants office to pick up my taxes. Deadline know what i mean. Wish me hip replacement surgery is on Friday. I will be the titanium man!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


What a crappy day outside (Saturday). Rain and cold. Not great weather to stage a 5k but off to Conrad School of Science to time and manage their annual 5k. 66 finishers.....15 no shows........and who knows how many planned to join us but decided to sleep in due to the weather. I was fortunate to have some good help today. Thank you volunteers. I came home ....entered the results in my software and posted on my website. Photos were next....all done. So now what? Barb is visiting her parents in State College. Masters golf is on but not till 4pm. So whats a guy to do? Grab a beer and start surfing the tube.....that's what. I'm in hi def channels and find that the 2008 Ironman from Kona is on. Wow! Talk about being inspired! 2.4 mile swim, 116 mile bike and 26.2 marathon run. Most don't realize that for many the marathon takes place in the middle of the day and we are talking Hawaii. Temps in the mid 80's. The show highlights some of the participants. A navy seal, a cancer survivor, a young guy with one leg, a 72 year old women finishing her 17th consecutive Ironman. The women's winner who broke the marathon record by over a minute something like 2:58. The men's winner who ran the marathon in 2:45. So many stories to tell. You sit there and say to yourself, "wow.... I am impressed." The one line that stands out is the athlete who lost his leg at 8 years of age in a farming accident. He said, "loosing my leg gave me other opportunities." Talk about positive attitude. There is something to learn here. Just take a minute to think about it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Head's up ladies

Just want to share an email .....

Last week, a friend of a friend was jogging (alone) near Rockford very early in the morning and realized she was being followed by a man in a small pick up truck. He was on Del Ave and followed her block for block as she was running up Willard toward the park. By the time she got to Greenhill, she said her instincts kicked in and she turned onto Greenhill instead of heading straight (toward Red Oak/the park) and she sprinted all the way home. When she was running on Greenhill, she noticed that the man had assumed she was going to run up to Red Oak - he had pulled over and was out of his car waiting for her. She was so scared she couldn't get her cell phone out to call 911 so she sprinted right to her house and then called the police later.We sent an email out to as many people we could think of who run... but then today, he followed another friend/colleague. She was in the same exact vicinity - she was out at 5:30am, doesn't run with headphones and so heard his car and noticed she was being followed. She started sprinting and zig zagged a bit down different streets - at one point, he was driving down Bancroft Parkway chasing her, going the wrong way on the street! She managed to dart down a different street and get to her house w/out him seeing her. Then her boyfriend hopped in his car to go and try to find the guy. Luckily, along the way, they saw a police car and stopped it - gave the full report to the officers right then and there - and they caught the guy right on the 1900 block of DE Ave (I think it's near Del Ave and Union).Apparently he was wearing a blue stocking on his head - and when he was pulled over he had a knife on the passenger seat and a bag of stockings on the floor. So scary.He's in custody now - but not sure if they can detain him, so chances are he'll be back out again at some point so BE CAREFUL.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Frozen Peas

Some weekend. Three events Saturday, two on Sunday. I am crushed. I sit here Sunday afternoon in my recliner watching golf on t.v. drinking a glass of wine with a frozen bag of peas on my left hip. For those of you who saw me this weekend....i was not a pretty site. At the Sallies Blue Gold 5k I sat down on the ground to help score the race and could not get up.....a Sallies football player lifted me up back on my feet.....I was humbled. April 17th can't get here soon enough. I am getting my left hip replaced. I will be the titanium man! Can't walk, can't play golf, can't do yoga, and can't sit at my desk. They say rehab will take 4 to 8 weeks. Bring it on! I have my teams ready to handle my events. I am so very fortunate to have fabulous help I can count on. Event results may not be posted in a timely fashion while I rehab but they will be posted as soon as i can get up to my office on the second floor. I will be at Wilm. Hospital Friday till Sunday. Then home where I plan on sleeping in my recliner on the first floor till I can handle steps. I remember when I had ACL surgery. I really had no pain prior to surgery but rehab was brutal. With this hip injury the pain is so bad I can't sleep at night. I just shake my head and laugh. It is the only way to deal with what I am going through. Will I be able to run again....yes. But only time will tell. Like the Terminator says......"I'll be back."