Monday, June 28, 2010

Daily Double

We had a very busy weekend and the weather could not have been hotter. On Saturday we were at Joe's Crab Shack for the 4th Race for Time 5k starting at 8:30 am. At 9:45 we were set to time and manage the Inaugural Education Fund 5k also on the Riverfront at the Overlook Pavilion next to AAA. Two races with in 2 hours both on the riverfront both using different routes and both being chip timed. Whew. Why the daily double? Because the second event was tied into a fund raiser starting at 11 am at Jr. Achievement across the river. I really tried to talk these folks out of staging a 5k starting so late. Heat is always an issue. But they decided to take the chance. So the Race for Time starts and I head to the mile mark to give splits and set up the starting line for the second race which is near the mile mark. From there I go over to the Overlook Pavilion to help staff member Jon Clifton with set up of the second 5k. At the same time my wife Barb is managing the Race for Time. Once done setting up the second race registration I head back on the course and move the one mile marker for the second race one mile mark and then move the 2 mile marker to the new 2 mile mark. I also set up a new turn around at Frawley stadium for the second race and make sure all vols and water stop are in place. I then head back to Joe's Crab Shack and watch the tail end of the walkers come in. My chip timing team is now ready to go. My data entry team was imputing race day entries for the second race and this second race starts on time while my wife Barb is announcing the awards for the first race. One hot busy day to say the least. My team did a fabulous job. Both events were successful and many who ran the first race ended up running the second race too. Would I do this again.....No way....! One a day is enough.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hugs all around

This past Saturday marked the 10th Anniversary of the Miles for Molly 5k. I remember when RT Christopher called me and asked if I would help him stage a 5k run walk in honor of their daughter Molly who had passed away. Proceeds from this event would benefit the Childrens Beach House in Lewes. I asked RT if he knew the owners of the Dead Presidents Restaurant. He said yes and set up a meeting with them. Me, RT, and Steve Lucy (owner of DP) sat in a booth and discussed the future of this race. Dead Presidents would be host sponsor and RT and Liz Christopher would be race directors. It has been a wonderful ten years working with this group. Over $175,000 has been raised from the Miles for Molly 5k. This year both RT and Liz decided that the 5k would be the last year that they would be involved. When the awards were done and the clean up began I gave Liz and RT a big hug and said, "you both should be proud of what you have done." The staff of the Children's Beach House 5k would like this event to continue. What has not been finalized is the date and location. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fun filled weekend

I was out walking this morning and i could not stop thinking about what a cool weekend I just had. On Saturday we timed and managed the Girls on the Run 5k at Dravo Plaza. Liz Baldwin, Kim Chitty, and Melissa Rice work endless hours to put this event together and what a job they do! 560 girls signed up plus we had another 750 or so others joined in. I have never seen so many happy faces. At the same time my other team was timing and managing the U of DE Reunion Weekend Blue Hen 5k in Newark. Over 250 finishers and get this....male female winners were Father and daughter Jay Coughenour and Audrey. Now that sure does not happen very often. On Sunday I made it to the St.Anthony's Italian Festival 5k for the 31st consecutive time. The winner of this race was Stephen Garrett, 13 years old in a time of 17:46.
Wow....that is so impressive. And guess who else was there for the 31st year.....91 year old Becky Yencharis who used what she calls her "pusher" to walk a half mile in 31 minutes. She had a huge smile on her face as she crossed the finish line to the applause of runners. Maybe Delaware should be called the Fit State rather than the First State.

Friday, June 4, 2010


As a race director I always try and take a runners "word for it." Many times folks tell me they mailed in a race application that we did not receive. I ask them to fill out another entry and we sign them up with no questions asked. Almost 100% of the time the entry does get to my po box. But here is one incident that really gets to me. The Friday night before the DE Marathon I listen to my voice box messages. One is from a runner from the Philly area. He is letting me know that he will not be able to make packet pick up Saturday since he is stuck in South Carolina for business. He goes on to tell me that he would like to switch from the full marathon to the half marathon and will be there Sunday morning to pick up his packet. I was doing a million and one things and did not have a chance to look at the roster of athletes. He shows up Sunday morning at 6:30 am and goes up to my volunteer at the trouble shooting table and lets them know that we do not have his race packet. My volunteer tells him that he is not on the pre reg roster (this was posted on the website and updated daily). He said he entered online but did not bring his receipt. I asked him if he ever looked at the pre reg list and he said "no". I asked him if he ever received any of our emails and he said "no". So the nice guy i am i say fill out this form and pay the pre reg price and i will look into His comment...."I do not have my wallet with me." Ok....what is your cell number which he did give me. I gave him a race number and goodie bag plus tech shirt. He runs the race and leaves. I call him Monday and left him a message that he was not on the list of those who entered online. He leaves me a message to call him in his office which i do and he states he will send out payment. OK.....almost 3weeks have gone by and NO payment. I have called a couple more times....guess what? bet.