Sunday, December 27, 2009

year in review...

The year 2009 was a Super Bowl type year for races2run. In a down economy we had our best year in 32 years of business. If you know anything about football you know how difficult it is to repeat as Super Bowl Champions. So I know we have our work cut out for us in 2010. Yes......sponsorship for events was down. But the number of runners participating in our events was up. 2010 will be a challenge. We lost some events but we have also picked up some new events including the LDAF Race For Autism Half Marathon & 5k in Lewes, DE. My team and I are really excited about our new chip timing business. EdJaH Chip Timing Systems will be very busy in 2010. We have two teams ready to handle events and I am working on a third team. We use the IPICO chip which is what the Ironman Triathlon Championships just purchased. Our CCHS DE Marathon was a huge success. The weather was cool and wet early on and our new venue proved a hit to all involved. The Seven Sister Series in Dewey Beach also had great crowds which showed that even in a weak economy folks still come to the beach as long as gas in not $4.50 a gallon. The Michelob Race to the Finish Line Series was a blast. Restaurants are great venues to stage a road race and when you add beer to the refreshment list the race becomes a social hour or some would say, "Happy Hour." I guess my most proud moment of 2009 is how my staff took over my business when I was laid up from hip surgery. Once again I will put them to the test as I am scheduled to have my other hip replaced in March of 2010. We all look forward to the racing walking season 2010. See you next year.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New 26.2 mile series.....

I think this new series will get some attention. How fast can you run a marathon? fast do you think you can run 26.2 miles using three events? That's right.....3 events: April 11th LDAF Half Marathon (13.1 miles), July 11th North Beach 5k (3.1 miles) and the Bottle & Cork Ten miler Sept. 11th will combine for a total mileage of guessed it.....26.2 miles. I am working with Michelob Ultra as sponsor for this series and will announce prize structure and rules after the new year. To enter this series you have to send in an extra $10 payable to LDAF when entering the LDAF Half Marathon. This entry fee will go directly to LDAF as proceeds from this series. We will post updates after each event on races2run home page. BTW....if you have not heard races2run is now the event manager for the LDAF Half Marathon and 5k now starting and finishing at Irish Eyes in Lewes, DE. EdJaH Chip Timing Systems ( a division of races2run) will chip time both events. Other series events are going to be discussed at my meeting on January 6th so stay tuned. Enjoy the holidays

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Running in the snow......

Today (12-19) we are getting over a foot of snow. I went to yoga class this morning. I live 2 blocks from the yoga studio so I have no excuse when the weather is bad. As I walked home I could not help but think about the old days when i was in training for a marathon and how I would run in weather like this. I will never forget a snow storm back in 1979. I was training for our Minuteman Delaware Marathon to be held the first Sunday in March. I was scheduled to run for two hours but had second thoughts after a serious snow storm. So what was one to do? Back then i use to live above my running shoe store at 623 Delaware Ave across the street from the old O'Friels Irish Pub. On the other side of the street was a cemetery. The loop inside the cemetery was plowed. The iron door gate is always open so I got my two hour run in by doing loops around the cemetery. I got to was spooky but also quiet and in a weird way beautiful. I am sure you too have some interesting stories about running in the snow.....feel free to share them with me. Time to go shovel the walk way.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Early bird special

One thing you just have to love about Ft.Myers ......early bird specials! You dinner between 4 pm and 6 pm and get a huge discount. My problem is that I just don't eat dinner that early thus the early bird deal does me no good. I did find plenty of happy hours here from 3 to 6 pm. .99 cent 16oz draft beer got my attention. Believe it or not I get more work done here this time of year than i would at home. I have been working on my website and emailing my contacts about our events in 2010. I had lunch with Mark Toretsky from Lin Mark Computer Sports the other day. We met in Sanibel at Grandma Dots. A nice restaurant on the water. We talked about last years events and about my Delaware Marathon. Best part was he picked up the lunch tab. If you are looking to save money on entry fees next year please sign up early. Most r2r events will have a 3 tier entry fee schedule. An example is our Seven Sister Series. Sign up early and entry fees are $16. Sign up the week of the race and the entry fee is $20. Wait till race morning and the entry fee goes to $25. I know for some the early bird discount will be beneficial. But for those who procrastinate .....well.....expect to pay a bit more. Here in Ft Myers the last race staged had pre entry $15 and day of entry $25. Guess you snooze you loose.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

In kind sponsorship

When ever I work on a budget for a road race I always tell who ever I am hired to work for that sponsors are needed to help pay expenses. In today's world easier said than done. Money sponsors this past year were down. Runners at our events were up. So where does this lead to? In kind sponsors can make a race a financial success. For years Pine Mt. Water Co. donated water to our events. That is one less expense to pay. Someone on a race committee will print 500 copies of the race flyer using company paper and copy machines. One less expense to pay. A committee member owns a restaurant and we decide to stage the race there. No need for porta potties. One less expense to pay. The restaurant will also bring in a food vendor to donate refreshments. One less expense to pay. Now comes the kicker. At our Caesar Rodney Half Marathon I wrote in a blog about the idea of using tech shirts for all runners. But we could not afford both tech shirts and finisher medals. Would someone out there be able to donate these tech shirts? Yes. Mike from the Delaware Running Co. was able to work this out with one of his vendors to have them sponsor our shirts for next years event. Wow! That is a savings to the American Lung Association of over $6,000. De. Running Co. is now a Platinum sponsor for the CR Half. In kind good as money.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Compliments and complaints

As a race director I always like to hear a compliment about a race we stage. But to be honest with you a complaint helps make me a better race director. For our Delaware Marathon I don't bother to read the comments posted on till 6 months after the race. I hold a meeting with my operations director Joel Schiller immediately after the marathon to go over what we feel we can improve on. We take notes and get to work on making the negatives a positive. I just read the comments on about our latest Delaware Marathon. So many nice comments but yes....many complaints also. We compare notes of what folks would like to see improved. I would say 95% of the complaints we have already discussed and have game plans to correct. So keep those comments coming. We try to do our best but we always like to hear what you .....the runner has to say.