Thursday, June 26, 2008

Two sets of twins.......

What are the odds of having your male and female overall winners both being a set of twins? This happened at our Kid Shelleen's 5k for Cliff. Overall winner was Kyle Lanier from Lincoln University, Pa. He ran while his twin brother Kareem played good uncle and watched his brothers kids. Justine Barr, 18 years old from Wilmington was the overall female winner while her twin sister Melanie was first in the 14-18 age group. Kid Shelleen's 5k for Cliff was a benefit for the Wellness Community....all 208 finishers and volunteers were treated to what was called, "kegs and eggs" breakfast. Plenty of Michelob Ultra was onhand. Talking about Michelob Ultra I will be announcing a new series for 2009 that Michelob Ultra will sponsor. Stay tuned!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Leader of the pack

Ready....set .....go.....But who is going to lead your race so the lead runner follows the correct route? Something many race directors really don't think about but is so very important. You MUST have someone who knows the course lead the way either on a bike, motorcycle or car. When i manage events in the City of Wilmington we always have a motorcyle police office lead the way. Some routes in residential neighborhoods I will lead the race in my vehicle. I have the flashers on and i make sure the volunteers are in the right place prior to the runners getting to them. At our Delaware marathon we have both police officers on motorcycles and bikers leading the mens and womens leaders. Now....when we do our events in Dewey Beach.....we lead our events in the Dewey Beach Police Gator. My wife Barb rides along to make sure the police officer goes the right way. Don't mess with Barb. And don't get in her way....what would I do with out her?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Family affair

One of the most rewarding parts of being in the "race directing" business are the folks you meet. And after 31 years of race directing I have met my fair share. One of my greatest pleasures is to see couples who ran in my races years ago now showing up and running with their kids. One such instance was at this past Saturday's 8th Annual Miles for Molly 5k at Dead Presidents in Wilmington. Dan Frydrych came up to the day of registration table I was working at with his wife Wendy and 15 year old daughter Emily. Dan and Wendy were competitive runners back before Emily was born. Now daughter Emily is joining cool is that. Dan won the male 50-59 age group in 18:54 a 6:06 pace and Emily placed placed 2nd in the 14-18 age group in 23:51 a 7:42 pace. The Miles for Molly 5k continues to be one of my favorite events to manage. Liz and RT Christopher have raised over $100,000 in the last 8 years from this event. Proceeds go to the Children's Beach House in Lewes. And that is what this is all about. See you at the races.

Monday, June 16, 2008

A streaker

I can tell you what John Sarmousakis from Newark, De has been doing for the last 21 years on Father's Day. My Sprint tri at St. Andrews School. Yep...he has done all 21 events. The only female participant who has done all 21 events is Jerri Myers from Parkesburg, Pa. I always save a spot in the event for the both of them . So to the both of you....i hope to see you next Father's Day in Middletown. This years triathlon went really well. The weather was pretty good....the water was warm.....and the setting just can't be beat. We had a huge turn out from the Dover YMCA ....a group called the Triple Threats joined us. All first time tri athletes. All money raised in this event stays in Middletown. My volunteer crew sets up on Saturday and breaks everything down on Sunday after the race. Then it is off to Rich Nelson's house for a beer or two....take a dip in his pool and pig out on a great spread of food. A really neat way to enjoy Father's Day.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The BIG Check

As a race director it is always nice to be able to give money away....yep.....that is what we call proceeds to the beneficiary. In this case i had the pleasure to contribute $5,000 to the Christiana Care Center for Heart and Vascular Health as part of the proceeds from out CCHS Delaware Marathon. With me in this photo is Timothy J. Gardner, MD, Medical Director of the Center for Heart and Vascular Health and Penny Viqneau, Vice President of the CH&VH. Pretty neat check if i say so myself. As always.....we thank all of you for making this event a success. I have more to say about our 2009 CCHS DE Marathon but that will come at a later time. See you at the races.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

one difficult decision

I had one of my most difficult decisions today....not sure if you know Becky Yencharis. She is now 89 years old and started her running career 29 years ago at the St. Anthony's run. She actually drove herself from her home in Claymont to partake. With temps in the 80's and high humidity i had to be the one to tell her "NO".....I would not allow her to run the 5k. She told me she had an aid to walk run with her but you have to realize ....she is 89 years old and it is hot as hell outside. It would take her about 1:30 that is an hour and a half to finish. That is like me running a ten miler in this heat...NO way Jose. I spoke to her aid.....I said..."ok....take her to penna. ave and back...a half mile out and half mile back...about a mile." Becky agreed. Still she was out there 30 minutes. She finished and said...."i never would have made the 5k." I said..." started your running career here....i do not want you to finish your career here." All in all a great ....humid....and no one had issues with the heat. See you at the races.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'm back..... very own words of wisdom as a race director. I will use this bit of technology to keep you updated on what's new in the world running and walking from a race directors point of view. Feel free to make comments and ask questions. As always.....see you at the races.