Friday, August 6, 2010

Another Rosie Ruiz?

This is going to be a two part blog. I received a phone call and email from a runner in Missoula, Montana who claims that one of our runners in the Delaware Marathon cheated. He said that he has been dq'ed from 3 other marathons and sent me emails from the three race directors as proof. I called him back and we had a nice chat. Seems like this guy who may have cheated is trying to run a marathon under 3 hours in all 50 states as a fundraiser for a certain charity. I looked up his time from our DE Marathon and also emailed my timing company to get his splits. They emailed back ....NONE. I looked him up on photos section and guess what....NO photos of him posted. This seems weird since all the top 20 runners had photos posted and ALL had splits. So now what? I am in the process of contacting race directors of marathons he has run (including Boston) and will then email him to get his side of the story. If true he took away a deserving runners award and cash prize. Another Rosie Ruiz!