Thursday, August 12, 2010

getting closer

ok...i am getting so very close to dq'ing this cheater and have evidence to prove that he did not run our Delaware Marathon. I have been in contact with our district RRCA Representative and have sent him the facts and photos and he too agrees that it is grounds to dq this guy. I have also been in touch with 3 other race directors across the country and have emailed back and forth our concerns. Two others have been doing research of all marathons that he has run and have come up with data that will officially show that he is a cheat. One issue is he is running these marathons in all 50 states under 3 hours as a fundraiser for a certain charity and has raised close to $10,000. Checks are payable to his website not the charity. I have emailed him photos I took of the top 20 runners at the 13.75 mark of the marathon route which is on the Wilm. Riverwalk just past the Rowing Club. I took these photos while there setting up the turn around and making sure my volunteer was in place. No where is this guy shown. I smell a rat. Final proof will come in next blog.