Friday, August 8, 2008

"Free" stuff

I pulled into my driveway and could not help but notice that UPS had delivered some boxes. I mean stacks of boxes left on my porch. How about 1000 Snicker Marathon Bars. Yep...."freebies" to give away to participants at our events. Every once in a while I get an email from companies looking to promote a product. They figure it is a great way to get their product in the runners hands. When Propel first came out they sent me about 50 cases to distribute at our events. (good thing I have a double car garage). I have been a pretty good customer ever since. Other companies that have donated in the past have been Power Bar.....Cliff Shots......Herr's Chips.......Power Gels......Gatorade and the latest has been Fuze. (I love the orange mango flavor). Back when we held the DE Marathon in Middletown Gatorade sent me 12 five gallon water containers with GATORADE printed on them. There was no way i was going to ship these used containers back. The Gatorade folks know how to market a product. They figure that I would use these water containers for years to come. How true....i still use them today. If running the Bottle & Cork this Sept. we have a surprise "Freebie" for all participants......I think you will be pleased. See you at the races