Monday, August 11, 2008

What is a race director to think?

A friend of mine who works for the FBI was nice enough to give me a FBI hat celebrating the 100th anniversary of the FBI.....i wear it all the time....little did i know that i would soon feel like an FBI agent. Here is why.....Our Seven Sisters Series in Dewey Beach gives away a gift package if you complete all 10 events. Our JD Shuckers event took place Sunday the 8th event in the series. I love to take photos of my races which i post on my website. It is easy for me to list names with photos by using my race software to produce a listing in numberical order. One of the photos and matching race numbers just did not make sense. The race number was assigned to a female runner 40 years of age who has completed all 7 events in the series. But some guy was wearing this race bib. I looked up the race bib on my results board and that too stated that this tag was assigned to a 40 year old female. To make matters worse the day of entry form was written out for the 40 year old female runner and signed by her friend who signed her own name. I called the missing 40 year old female and also her friend who signed her up and asked them both to call me or email me back. I have yet to hear back from either of them. What really upsets me is that this person won a medal thus taking away an award from someone who really deserves the win. What a shame. What is a race director to think? Your comments are welcome.