Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Two for the record books

Many years ago Delaware Sports Club member Doug White started to keep age group state records. He used 5 year age groups 18 under to 70 and over. Doug was the official record keeper. I would post these state records in my Sports Calendar that i use to publish years prior to the internet. As time went by I was able to develop my website races2run and Doug asked me to take over these state records and post on my website. Some records have stood for years. Others change yearly. At our 5k the Latin Way 47 year old Sandy Gibney set a new age group record with her 20:03. This time broke a 21 year old record held by Joan Mehl (20:24). Two years ago at our Bottle & Cork ten miler, Juliet Bottorff set an age group state record for 18 and under in 68:20. This past Sept. she broke her own state age group record running a 66:37. We only accept records on usatf certified routes. If records are set i ask the race director to send me the usatf certification number and complete results. Keep on racing!