Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Paper Chase

Are you a fan of paper race applications? Or do you just search the internet for upcoming events? Over the last few years I have found as race director that more and more folks are NOT using paper entry forms but going online to enter events. There are two events that I manage that will no longer be using paper race applications. Both may surprise you. The CCHS Delaware Marathon and the Seven Sisters of Dewey Beach will go digital next year. Both events have their own websites:
For those who do not wish to pay the online administrative fee you will be able to print out a universal entry to enter these two races. Plus the Delaware Running Co. is gracious enough to let folks drop off entries to their store. We do plan on sending out electronic e-mail post cards to our e-list as a save the date notice. We will have a enlarged post card advertising the event at our local races and other events in the area. So if you see less paper on our entry form table just think of all the trees we will be saving. I hope.