Tuesday, August 25, 2009

To feed an Army......

I never really thought about how much food we put out for runners and walkers. I just make sure we have enough to go around. At this past Sunday's Inaugural Greene Turtle Lewes 5k manager Jason King gave me the stats on what it took to feed 200 runners and their guests. Here goes:
40 lbs bananas, 120 danish, 60 lbs egg mix, 30 lbs bacon, 2 cases cantaloupe, 200 muffins, 200 bagels, 240 16oz bottles of water, 2 lbs cream cheese, 15 lbs of chicken wings and to wash it all down......2 kegs of Michelob Ultra. I got to tell you......and I believe all who were at this race will confirm......one of the best post race spreads of all the events we handle. Nobody left hungry. Just a fantastic fundraiser for the Wellness Community. Congratulations to the Greene Turtle Lewes. A first class sponsor.