Monday, June 16, 2008

A streaker

I can tell you what John Sarmousakis from Newark, De has been doing for the last 21 years on Father's Day. My Sprint tri at St. Andrews School. Yep...he has done all 21 events. The only female participant who has done all 21 events is Jerri Myers from Parkesburg, Pa. I always save a spot in the event for the both of them . So to the both of you....i hope to see you next Father's Day in Middletown. This years triathlon went really well. The weather was pretty good....the water was warm.....and the setting just can't be beat. We had a huge turn out from the Dover YMCA ....a group called the Triple Threats joined us. All first time tri athletes. All money raised in this event stays in Middletown. My volunteer crew sets up on Saturday and breaks everything down on Sunday after the race. Then it is off to Rich Nelson's house for a beer or two....take a dip in his pool and pig out on a great spread of food. A really neat way to enjoy Father's Day.