Sunday, June 8, 2008

one difficult decision

I had one of my most difficult decisions today....not sure if you know Becky Yencharis. She is now 89 years old and started her running career 29 years ago at the St. Anthony's run. She actually drove herself from her home in Claymont to partake. With temps in the 80's and high humidity i had to be the one to tell her "NO".....I would not allow her to run the 5k. She told me she had an aid to walk run with her but you have to realize ....she is 89 years old and it is hot as hell outside. It would take her about 1:30 that is an hour and a half to finish. That is like me running a ten miler in this heat...NO way Jose. I spoke to her aid.....I said..."ok....take her to penna. ave and back...a half mile out and half mile back...about a mile." Becky agreed. Still she was out there 30 minutes. She finished and said...."i never would have made the 5k." I said..." started your running career here....i do not want you to finish your career here." All in all a great ....humid....and no one had issues with the heat. See you at the races.