Sunday, June 22, 2008

Leader of the pack

Ready....set .....go.....But who is going to lead your race so the lead runner follows the correct route? Something many race directors really don't think about but is so very important. You MUST have someone who knows the course lead the way either on a bike, motorcycle or car. When i manage events in the City of Wilmington we always have a motorcyle police office lead the way. Some routes in residential neighborhoods I will lead the race in my vehicle. I have the flashers on and i make sure the volunteers are in the right place prior to the runners getting to them. At our Delaware marathon we have both police officers on motorcycles and bikers leading the mens and womens leaders. Now....when we do our events in Dewey Beach.....we lead our events in the Dewey Beach Police Gator. My wife Barb rides along to make sure the police officer goes the right way. Don't mess with Barb. And don't get in her way....what would I do with out her?