Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's a dogs world

I am a dog lover. My first dog when a kid was a cocker spaniel named Caesar. When i went to collegeI had the most laid back Irish setter I named Curry. When I started my business I would take him to work with me and he would sleep all day. Before and after work I would make sure he got in some exercise usually running around Brandywine Creek State Park. Those were the days before you had to have your dog on a leash. My dad had an English Bulldog named George. When Curry and George got together it was pure fun to watch. After the CR half Sunday, I drove out to Rockford Park to pick up my traffic cones and mile markers. You could not help but see all the folks with their dogs running around the dogie park. I always get a kick out of seeing how much folks look like their dogs. Anyway....why the blog on dogs? Seems like dog lovers also like to walk miles with their four legged friends. I get many emails and phone calls asking if they can walk one of our 5k's with their puppy. My answer, "NO, we can not allow you to walk with your dog due to insurance liability." Why is this they ask? Two examples of what can happen . CR half 4 years ago. Runner shows up with 2 boarder collies NOT on leash. I told this person NO dogs allowed. He did not listen. A the one mile mark one of these dogs cut in front of the lead pack and a runner went down. This person who did not listen was dq'ed from results and is banned from CR race and ALL r2r races. Another incident. Thanksgiving Day Run Walk for MS 6 or 7 years ago. 1000 folks at start. One person has dog on leash. "NO dogs"I said. The person said, "Oh, I will just start in the back of the pack." The cannon goes off ....the dog lunges forward scared from the noise of the cannon and a runner trips over the leash and breaks her leg. Case closed! Folks.....please leave Fido at home for the safety of all others.