Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Time flies

I seem to be on this instant oatmeal kick.....every morning i micro wave a bowl of Cinnamon raisin takes 2 minutes to cook. If i sit there and wait two minutes seems like a lifetime. But if i do something useful like doing my laundry the two minutes goes by really fast. This morning I went to my one hour standing stationary yoga class at Empowered Yoga on Penna. Ave. Johnny Gillespie was our instructor. He would explain each pose and work with you to make sure you got it right. You pay attention to what he has to say since he is the instructor. After one hour and class was done I leaned over to the lady next to me and said, "is it me.....or did this hour just fly by?" She agreed.....we were just so into what we were doing that time did really fly by. This Sunday I will be leading the masses at our 46th Citizen's Bank Caesar Rodney Half Marathon. For those of you who are running I wish you all the best....for those "newbies" you know "first timers" just enjoy the day. When the cannon goes off all nervous energy is put onto the back burner. With 1500 runners you will have plenty of company. And I promise....once you head up Market Street hill and cross the finish line you too will say to your self....."wow....i did it.....13 miles went by so fast." Yes....time really does fly by when having fun.