Friday, January 8, 2010

Icicle run

The PSCI Icicle Ten miler is one difficult race to stage. When planning a race in mid winter so many things can go wrong. The weather is only one item. Let me explain what I mean. Back maybe ten years ago I was just finishing up marking out the ten mile route when i got a call from the City of Wilmington Police Sgt. Alfree. He told me that we could not run through Rockford Park due to double homicide. What! So we ran a 10k that year. A couple years later we had a snowstorm the night before the race and the police told me we could not run on Penna. Ave due to snow emergency route. Thus another 10k. A couple years later when registering runners the fire alarm at the YMCA went off and we had to evacuate the building. We were able to run the ten miles with a late start. And now this year I get a call from the Central Y that they have had bomb scares the last 4 days and have had to evacuate the building each time. So what to do if we have a bomb scare on Sunday? Good question. Something you don't plan on but working on plan B. Never a dull moment with this ten mile event. Let's hope for the best.