Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What if ?

What if a bomb scare did take place on Sunday while the runners were out on the course. That would have been a nightmare. Runners coming across the finish line having no idea what was going on. Locked out of the YMCA in 19 degree weather, clothes and car keys locked inside, and who would know how long till the bomb squad would leave. Last week the Y was closed for 5 hours during one bomb threat. Can you imagine if this happened during our Icicle run. I always try and take the conservative approach when it comes to solving problems. There has to be a "plan B". I was fortunate to run into my friend Johnny Gilespie from Empowered Yoga after yoga class on Saturday the day before the Icicle run. I told him my situation and asked if we could use his Plexus Fitness facility located two blocks from the Y. He said, "no problem". Made a phone call and his staff was all set to open up early Sunday morning. Yes, I could have rolled the dice and prayed that no threats would happen and set up registration at the Y but to be honest with you I doubt I would have slept much Saturday night. Runners seemed to enjoy the change of venue and especially the locker rooms which had plasma tv's and towels. Thank you Johnny G and thank you Plexus Fitness staff. I was able to get a good night sleep thanks to your help.