Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Babysitting duty?

At so many of our events I see couples with their children. One parent runs and the other watches the children. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to have a baby sitter at some events so both parents could participate? This is something I have been working on for 2010. We may give it a try at the following events where we will have certified baby sitters looking after your kids. Buckley's, Teal Ribbon, DE Marathon, Rusty Rudder, Sprint tri at St Andrew's. This group plans to charge $5/hr. They will have a canopy tent that they can keep kids under & they are also going to make a list of stuff they will bring with them. The plan is to make up a sign up sheet to check kids in/out. Also, for the big races like DE Marathon, they would like people to sign up in advance for the babysitting. If it is a big race with lots of people they don't want to get overwhelmed with kids so they will bring one or two other people with them to help out IF there's that much interest in it. Is this something you would consider paying for?