Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Caesar Rodney Half 50th Anniversary

In three years we will be celebrating or should i say running the 50th Anniversary of the Caesar Rodney Half Marathon. So what should we do to make this race a special occasion? Many of you who have run the old course (including me) say, "lets go back to the old course." That would be pretty cool IF we could get permission. A couple years ago I made a phone call to my contacts at Del Dot. I asked them if we could go back to the old course for our 50th anniversary. They commented, "we would like you to continue to use the new route." So they did not say NO....they just said "use the new route". I believe that with enough support we could use the old route IF we could:
1. get sponsors to pay for certification of new route
2. start race at 7:30 am so not to interfere with church traffic
3. find sponsors to help pay for Delaware State Police needed outside City of Wilm. limits.
So there you have it. Our CR committee will be meeting to discuss the future of the CR half and putting game plans in place. Your comments are welcome.