Thursday, May 13, 2010


It is the Thursday before our 7th CCHS Delaware Marathon. So far so good. This morning I spend my time making phone calls and sending out emails confirming that all my concerns are taken care of and so I will be able to sleep the next few days. Examples are confirming fencing with the City of Wilm Confirming with the traffic department that the no parking signs have been placed on Rosa Park Drive and two areas on route where we place Pack Rat containers for water stops. Confirming my bartender will be there to pour you a Michelob Ultra after your run. Contacting Grotto Pizza to confirm delivery of 150 pizzas Sunday morning. Calling my tee shirt vendor to confirm shirts to be delivered to Tubman Park on Friday, calling High Point Dairy to confirm delivery of ice cream sandwiches, ice teas and lemon aid and of course chocolate milk. More phone calls to Mayors office to confirm the Mayor will be there at 6:50 am to welcome the runners to the City of Wilmington, The list goes on and on.....For those of you running on Sunday I look forward to meeting all of you and wish you the best of luck. Enjoy our beautiful City of Wilmington. I believe May is the prettiest month of the year to be in Delaware.