Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Should common sense be “common”?

Here are just a couple items that we had to deal with at our DE Marathon. I received an email from a women marathoner who decided to start with the early bird runners. For those not familiar with the early bird start we email all who write down that their marathon finishing time is 6 hours plus. For the safety of all and to get these folks off the course in a timely fashion we start a small group at 6:15 am. Our lead biker did not show due to injury so staff member Jon Clifton drove his car as lead vehicle. At the first major intersection he told the leader to go left and continue straight ahead to the dead end and follow the arrows onto the river walk. Her email states that she led the early bird group and when our vol stopped at the traffic light she did not know where to go. She was that far in front of all the others. I asked her what she planned on running that day...."a 4:15" she said....HELLO....."why would you start with the early bird runners" i asked? She said she heard the announcement on the p a system and decided she would start early. I said, "if you were in the pack with all others you would not have had any issues." Another issue was with a women who decided to give her race number to a friend who wanted to run the half marathon. Not only did this person place first in the masters age group but the she was a he. This idiot not only wore her race bib but also her computer chip. Thus taking away the thrill of a win for the runner up female. Now...does this make sense?