Sunday, July 25, 2010

Learning curve

EdJaH Chip Timing Systems has now timed close to 60 of our events using the IPICO timing chip which is the chip we recycle. Our largest event has been close to 1000 participants and our smallest around 75. When we first started to use this chip timing system runners were a bit confused on how it worked and how the chip attached to their shoe lace. We explained this to the runners and walkers and have gone from 10 to 15 lost chips a race down to 2 or 3 lost chips. This learning curve reminds me of when i first started using race numbers with tear off tags to score races back in the early 1980's. I would tear off the bottom portion of the runners race bib and post on my score boards for all to see. When we first started using this system I can;t tell you how many times a runner would come across the finish line and not have his tear off tag. I would ask them where it was and most would say, "I did not know you needed it." Runners and walkers soon realized that this was an important part of the scoring system. Now 25 plus years later the same goes for the computer chip. This too is a learning curve and another reason why we use the IPICO chip for so many of our events. We want the runners to be familiar with the system. Funny how such a simple thing as putting a little piece of plastic on your shoe makes scoring a road race so efficient.