Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Barb and I were walking the Rehoboth boardwalk early one morning last week. You would not believe how many folks were running and walking the boardwalk. Many wore tee shirts from races they participated in and many wore no shirt at all. I told Barb to look at the runners shoes. Some had that orange band on their shoe lace which meant that they ran a chip timed event. I mentioned to my wife that it was funny how these folks never bothered to clip off their shoe tags. I told her I would bet her that this person also never tears off their luggage tags when getting home from a trip and if they were a golfer they would have tags from golf courses played on their golf bags. I must admit it is a pretty good conversation piece. Each tag represents a good time in this persons life. Tags I would think are like badges of honor. "Yes....I ran that race....yes....i played that golf course.....yes I visited that country." Come to think of it....these folks got it together. Something so simple brings a smile to ones face. At our Seven Sisters event last week I asked a runner who had two not one but two orange chip tags on his shoe. "Why the tags i asked?" A smile came across his face and the stories began.....see what i mean.