Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pump n Run

At our North Beach 5k in Dewey this past Sunday we staged the Schweizer Pump n Run. For those of you not familiar with what a Pump n Run is it is basically an event where you bench press your weight one or more times and that puts you in the pump n run category. Then you run the 5k. For each time you pump your weight we deduct 15 seconds from your overall time. So you are competing in both the 5k race and the pump n run event. For ladies and those over the age of 50 you have to bench a certain percentage of your weight. At the North Beach event we had 53 folks enter the Pump n Run. Pro Physical Therapy and Leisure Fitness are the major sponsors. Doug White is the event manager. We use a computer program to score the event and team leader Ed Hartwell (EdJaH Chip Timing Systems) handles this for Doug. This year only 6 events are on the schedule. But for next year the plans are for many more. If you pump your weight one time you get a cool tee shirt or give away item compliments of sponsors. So for those of you who work out with weights and also run....this event is for you! Rules and schedule are posted on the website.