Thursday, July 24, 2008

Awards Presentation

The awards presentation at our events go smoothly. But some folks can't hang around for their awards. At last Sunday's Grog Shop 5k we started the awards presentation ten minutes later than usual. You can blame me....i decided it was best to load up my car with my finish line chutes and tables than to rush into the restaurant and leave the finish line a mess. As I was loading up my van a couple came up to me and stated that they won awards but could not stay since they wanted to go to church. No problem....go see Barb inside. She is waiting for me to get the awards started. Tell her you have to go and she will give you your medals. Problem solved. My Barbie handles the award presentation. She is very good at this ..much better than i am. In between age groups awards she gives away bottle openers, socks, and hacky sacks. Barbie yells...."Who paid the most for gas to get here? "Who came the furthest away.? Anyone's birthday today...?" All who come forward win a prize. We also have Pirate Pete who helps pass out awards and he gets someone out of the audience to help him....Now how many events do you get a pirate to help out? At this event we also recognized Rich and Marge Warshauer. They were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary at our race. How cool is that! We presented them with a $50 gift certificate for dinner to any of the Highway One restaurants. Barb also likes to ask the overall winners questions...."where you from?" "Where did you go to college?" "Who are you taking with you to spend your $50 winners gift certificate?" So yes......sometimes our awards presentations take a bit longer than most but hey....we have beer, we have hot dogs, we have great settings to stage these events. So if you win an award and have to go....just see Barbie or I ....we will be happy to give you your award so you can be on your way. Like they say in Jamica...."no problem mon."