Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Chill Out!

Chill out......summer is here and so are high temps and high humidity......as a race director my job is not only to manage and time a road race but to make sure you "the runner" have a safe and enjoyable race. We hire local police to manage traffic (cost around $320).....we hire para medics JUST IN CASE (cost $160)......and we have volunteeers in safety vests on route. We have plenty of spring water at the start, finish and at registration area and we have gatorade at the finish line. When temps are high we bring out our "ice chair" . If you have never sat in the ice chair you really should give it a try. It cools down the core of your body. All you do is place your arms in the packed ice. I love this chair! At the Race for Time 5k on Saturday morning temps were in the low 80's with high humidity. My wife Barb made an announcement as runners headed to the starting line. "All runners and walkers go over to the table of water and drink a cup of water and bring one with you to the starting line." What a great call....even with a water stop on route we try and do our best to get you hydrated. The paramedics were very busy that morning. So please.....drink plenty of fluids before during and after your race.....and don't be afraid to sit in the ice chair.....promise....you will keep your cool. Run safe. See you at the races.