Friday, July 11, 2008

Strolling Along.

For my company to manage a road race we MUST have insurance. I work with the Road Runners Club of America and Zutz Insurance for this. Believe is not cheap. The RRCA states in our insurance certificates that NO baby stroller, headphones, rollerblades, dogs, or unregistered runners allowed. This one paragraph waiver is also posted on all entry forms. I also post this one line on the top of each details page on my website NO BABY STROLLERS ALLOWED IN THE RUN PORTION OF THIS EVENT. YOU MAY WALK WITH STROLLERS. You ask why? Because accidents happen. I bend the rules a bit and allow ipods and headphones. All i ask is that you unplug as you get close to the finish line. I also bend the rules with baby strollers. I DO allow you to WALK with strollers. A classic example of someone running with a stroller and causing an accident.....a very good friend of mine was running in a race in New York Central Park. A guy pushing a stroller cliped him on his heal. Down he went .....he did not finish the race. The guy pushing the stroller did. Even though roads are closed to traffic for our events accidents can happen. We held a 5k in Woodstown a few years ago. The course was out and back on country roads and the Woodstown Police closed all roads to traffic. So what 88 year old women pulls out of her driveway......sees all these runners on the road and panics. She hits the gas rather than brakes and hits one of our runners. The runner was rushed to the hospital and has since recovered. So when I say NO baby strollers allowed in the run I have my reasons. Take a look at the photo above.....a drunk driver runs into a pack of bikers.....need i say more. See you at the races.