Saturday, July 19, 2008

Follow the arrows.

My nephew Max has been helping me out with some of our events this summer. He asked me when i started using white arrows on the road to show runners which way to go. I told him that back in 1979 i was in san diego to run 18 miles of the Mission Bay Marathon as part of my training for the Paul Masson Marathon to be held three weeks later. I was staying with friends in San Franciso and took a flight to San Diego....I checked into the Hyatt Hotel in Misson Bay.....The 18 mile mark happened to be just outside my hotel. I got a ride to the start and ran back to my hotel room....nice way to get in a long training run. One of the things about this marathon that stood out was how they marked the route. Huge white arrows on the road were hard to miss. They did NOT use paint ...they used field chalk the same stuff they use to mark ball fields...what a great idea. So i borrowed that idea from San Diego and have used field chalk ever since. The chalk usually washes away once it rains. Yellow field chalk is sometimes used for longer events like the Cork ten miler, Caesar Rodney half and DE Marathon. So when running our events....just follow the huge white will not get lost.