Monday, July 7, 2008

Dark & Stormy

no...not the drink you get in Bermuda but what the weather was doing the morning of our Jimmy's Grill 5k in Dewey Beach. I was up at 4:45 am As it got light outside around 5 am i noticed that the birds that usually hang out in my back yard were no where to be seen. I turned on the weather channel and it showed a major storm coming into the area. Around 5:30 am it starting raining....and i mean really raining. Then thunder.....lightning and more heavy rain. My cell phone rings at 6:15 am. It was my liason at the RustyRudder, Meggin ......she asks..."what do we do in case of severe weather? Since the race started at 8 am i told her that i thought the storm would pass by and we just may have to delay the start. And if the storm does not clear out ....we have plenty of beer to drink. Barb and I left our condo at Spring Lake and headed out to place mile markers and set up the course. The turn a round was no problem. But as we continued in the neighborhood of Seabreeze the heavy rain flooded out the neighborhood roads. As i got out of my car to place the 2 mile marker i had to laugh as the water was up to my ankles. Bellevue Street next to the Bottle & Cork was even worse....maybe a 8 to 10" of water. This 5k may indeer turn into a run swim event. We continued to the Rudder. We set up registration under cover and opened on time at 7 am. At 7:40 i made the decision to delay the start 10 minutes. The storm was now gone and the weather was actually pretty nice. We had 48 no shows. We were lucky. ....and all enjoyed the Jimmy's Grill fried chicken and Bud Light at the post race party. Just another day in Dewey Beach. I would bet that the only folks who knew it rained in Dewey that moring were the runners.....everyone else was still sleeping.