Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Customer Service

Even in road races it is so very important to stress to your volunteers customer service. We really try our best to accommodate you. Sometimes we run out of a tee shirt size and sometimes we run out of tee shirts completely. When this happens I like to cut entry fee to $15. At our Shannon Matthews 5k this past Saturday a runner came up to me at day of registration table. His son had his ATM card and he could not get money to run the race and we did not accept credit cards. He did have $10 but was $10 short. He had a gift card to TGIF Fridays for $10 and asked me if he could use that toward day of entry. No problem .....we used his gift card as part of prize structure. Many times a runner comes up to pre- registration only to find out that we do not have them registered. If they signed up online i have a back up list of those who did so and can take a look to see if we missed him or her. Sometimes the mail is a bit slow and we do not receive the entry in time. We ask the person to fill out a day of registration form and get either cell or home phone number. Most of the times we get the entry in the mail the next few days. Sometimes a person thinks they have registered for an event online only to find out that they did not or in some cases signed up for the wrong event . That happened last year when a young couple showed up at my 5k in Newark and we did not have them on the pre race roster. They had the receipt from that they did sign up for our race online. I took a look and realized that yes.....they did enter online but for the 5k we were managing in Wilmington the same day. I gave them both race numbers and tee shirts and worked out payment with the other race director. So if you are having a problem and need help just see me or my wife Barb.....we are here to help you solve your problems.