Monday, December 22, 2008

The world of music.

This Christmas many will get mp3 know...i-pods. Many will download their favorite tunes and rock and roll to the music. At our events the number of runners and walkers who wear these devices continue to grow. I have both an i-phone and a i-pod nano. I love to listen to music when i go for a walk or when riding a stationary bike or working out on the EFX machine. I seem to get a better workout while listening to music. I may be one of the few race directors who allow runners and walkers to wear these devices during our events. All I ask is that you unplug as you get close to the finish line and you are aware that most roads are not totally closed to traffic. I do have one concern. At our 6th Delaware Marathon coming up on May 17th I hire bands to play on the bandstand provided at start finish area. I budget over $1000 to pay these musicians. But if wearing a mp3 the runner has made a decision to listen to his or her own music and not live music. Maybe I am wasting my money on live bands. With our new venue of Tubman Garrett Riverfront Park we can not have loud music till 9 am due to the new residences across the river. On the other hand a DJ can control the volume of the music so i am considering a DJ. to entertain. If you were a race director what would you do? Happy Holidays.