Sunday, December 14, 2008

Race directors nightmare.

The 15th Race Against Time 5k marks the last run walk event of 2008 and the 100th event that we managed for the year. On January 4th it all starts over with the 20th Union Tavern (formally Bankshots) Road to the Super Bowl 5k. The following week is the 33rd PSCI Icicle Ten miler then i get some time off. Our next event will be the March 7th Kelly's Logan House 5k. It is a real crap shoot to stage a road race in the winter weather. The race directors, snow, sleet, wind and cold temperatures. I use to stage a Winter Series from the JCC with 5k's in Dec. Jan. Feb and March. Problem was guessed it....the weather. I had to cancel events due to icy conditions. I decided then and there that it was just not worth the effort to continue this series. If you follow my schedule you will notice that i moved the Race Against Time 5k to the Sunday prior to New Years eve rather than trying to stage at 4pm event prior to First Night Wilmington on New Years Eve. The main reason was traffic issues. You may have noticed also that the Road to the Super Bowl 5k for the Wellness Community is now two weeks early. The Sunday after New Years Day. Why.....main reason is i would hope for better weather earlier in January. The PSCI Icicle ten miler stays in the same time slot. The JCC Snowball 5 mile race has moved weekends. We use to be the last weekend in February and now we are the second Sunday in March. Why? Better chance the weather will cooperate. I will not accept new events in these winter months. It is just not fair to the organizations trying to raise funds. So bundle is going to be a long cold winter.