Saturday, January 10, 2009

I Won!

I don't know about you but i never seem to win much. Only won my age group once in my life and that was due to the fact i was the only person in my age group. But a win is a win. In an earlier blog i wrote about all the FREE stuff sent to me to give away at my events. The latest was the Power Bar Gel Blasts. The deal is i get Runners World race numbers for 3 events. Race Against Time, Road to Super Bowl and PSCI icicle run. I give all participants a sample bag of the gel blast and take a few photos of folks holding the product. Seems easy enough. The folks at Rodale Press who were in charge of this sampling e mailed me to make sure i send photos of my events to them for promotional use. Ok...simple enough. I sent them a handful of photos and received an email back that my name would go into a pot with all other race directors who sent in photos for a grand prize. One lucky person from this group would win a $100 gift card from American Express. Guess what? I WON! What a surprise to open a letter from Rodale telling me i was the lucky winner with the gift card enclosed. Perfect timing too. I can use on my upcoming vacation. Wonder if i was the only race director to submit photos?