Monday, January 26, 2009

Registration to start to finish

I am always tweaking our events. I try to work with local police officers to make sure we do not create any problems with our routes. One thing I always try and do is to keep the starting line close to registration. Second thing is to try and keep the finish line close to the starting line. But this is not always the case. Look at the 5k's we stage at the Central Y. The start line is a couple hundred yards from the registration area. Which is ok with me......but the finish line is at the bottom of the hill under the Washington Street Bridge. A bit far from the start but you want to finish the 5k up Adams Street hill? I doubt it. I am working with the folks at Child Inc. on this years Race Against Family Violence 5k held Mother's Day weekend. We stage this 5k at the Iron HIll Brewery on Main Street in Newark. The IHB is a fabulous host. Only problem is for us to start and finish at their restaurant the police fees are .....lets say not feasible. We register at the restaurant and walk or drive to the Christiana Towers for the start. This is about a half mile. Good warm up for those who run but not so good for those who walk. Another problem is the finish line is on Creek Road. And another half mile back to the IHB. We decided that we would try and work with the U of DE to secure the Commons at the Christiana Towers for registration this year. Plenty of parking available. The post race party and awards would be back at the Iron Hill Brewery. A bit inconvenient but sometimes you just got to do what you got to do. Promise....the folks at the IHB will make it worth your while.