Friday, January 23, 2009

my work space

I am one of the lucky ones who work out of the home. I took our 3rd bedroom and made it into my office. I am very productive working at home. No one to bother me and i can come and go as I please. My desk is pretty neat except on days when i have to data enter names into my software to score road races. I use a pc for that and also for my quickbooks. Also on my desk is my laptop. I use the lap top for all other work related issues. My files are just a draw away both personal and business. While on vacation I have been watching CNN way too much. ( was 32 degrees here yesterday). Kind of got caught up in the Obama thing. I now know why Mr. President has so many meetings and briefings from the folks who surround him. He has nothing to do in his office but make phone calls. They showed him sitting at his desk. I just loved his desk. NO computers, no pencil holders, no files, nothing but a phone. Think he gets bored? I mean you can't call world leaders just to say, "Hi, President Obama here......I have nothing to do here at my desk so I thought I'd give you a call." From what I have been reading, Mr. President no longer carries his blackberry....or is that just a rumor? While we google world events to find out more info Mr. President meets with Cabinet members to discuss world and local issues. So you see.....Mr. President really does not need a computer while in office. He is World News......I bet he really misses the Weather Channel.