Wednesday, January 21, 2009

what i do on vacation

Yep....on vacation here in sunny frigid SW Florida. 40 degrees here today. I is a balmy 18 at home. Yesterday I watched VP Joe Biden and President Obama get sworn in and then i listened to the Presidents Inaugural Address. Then went to a lunch meeting with Mark and Linda Toretsky (Lin Mark Computer Sports) who are staying in Cape Coral. I use this group to time our Delaware Marathon and our Caesar Rodney Half. We went to a nice restaurant on the water but sat inside due to the cold temps outside. Mark and Linda stay in Florida for the months of Dec through March with Mark heading north to time our CR half. Lucky them. We had a nice lunch which was really a nice lunch when Mark picked up the check. They do a great job which allows me more time to manage the event to make sure all goes smoothly. At a table next to us was a 3 some. Two guys and a girl. All in early 30's. I could not help but notice how much one guy looked like Peyton Manning, QB for the Indianapolis Colts. I got up to go to the bathroom. On my way i stopped at their table and asked the guy, "anyone ever ask you for an autograph?" He looked at me and said, "why would anyone want my autograph." "Cause you look exactly like Peyton Manning." "Who is that?" was his answer. I said "never mind" and continued to the bathroom. He does not know who Peyton Manning is? I guess he must have been a soccer player.