Saturday, January 3, 2009

The handwriting is on the wall?

Have you ever taken a good look at your handwriting? I do. I have been handwriting thank you notes to those who have donated money to our Friends of the Delaware Marathon. (e-mail me if you would like to donate). I must admit. I really have to slow down when I write these notes. Handwriting gets a bit sloppy when in a hurry. I make sure I don't use any short cuts when writing. Is hand writing getting to be a lost art? Or maybe all of us have a bit of doctor syndrome in us......Just how do those pharmacists read those scripts that doctors fill out? In my case just how do I read the handwriting of those who wait till race day to sign up for our events. sometimes get to registration late and scribble your name, age, sex, and address. I look at these paper forms knowing that I will have to data enter into our software to score the events. What I have decided is that we are so use to typing on the computer or texting that we really don't care how our handwriting looks. long as you can sign your name on checks and tax forms do we really care what our handwriting looks like? So if I misspell your name on the results of the latest 5k don't blame me......I most likely could not read your handwriting. It could be worse....I could be that pharmacist who fills your prescription......lets hope they get it write opps I mean right.