Thursday, February 12, 2009

filling in the blanks

We continue to work on our CCHS Delaware Marathon. It really is one huge puzzle. Getting folks to participate is only part of the game. One major concern is the safety of the runners. With CCHS as title sponsor this event will have the best medical organization around. These folks volunteer their time to help you the runner in case of an emergency. We are also working with New Castle County Para medic teams. These guys are great. With the move to Tubman Garrett Riverfront Park these folks are very aware of how important it is to get you out of the park and to the hospital in case of an emergency. They were on the medical team when President elect Obama and VP Elect Joe Biden stopped in Wilmington on their way via train to Washington,DC. O'Bama and Biden spoke in Tubman Park. The medical teams had a plan that they would follow in case of an emergency. We are also working with the Delaware Volunteer Fire Police to help fill in positions that the Wilmington Police need help with. One huge issue is communications of all these folks. This is where the CCHS communication specalists come in. Known as CARES they will be positioned around the course and in radio contact with medical units at the finish area. If someone goes down they will notify medical and help is on the way. We are still looking for teams of volunteers to help with residential intersections as course marshall's. Most of these positions are around Kentmere Parkway, Bancroft Parkway, and Wawaset Park areas. If you would like to volunteer just drop me an email. Plenty to can help us make our CCHS DE Marathon a safe fun and enjoyable day for all.