Sunday, February 15, 2009

webmaster Wayno

Winter months are the perfect time to update my website for the coming years events. Not only doI work on my races2run website but also on our DE Marathon and Seven Sisters of Dewey Beach sites. This year I have used a large font for my r2r site to make it easier to read. We have picked up some new events for 2009. I like to call these events Inaugural rather than First Annual. I get plenty of emails and phone calls asking what our fees are to stage a 5k fundraising event. What it comes down to is a 200 person 5k costs around $2800 to $3000 to stage depending on location you choose. This includes mgt. fees, timing fees, advertising, police, permits, tee shirts, awards, etc. Your income IF the weather is good is around $3600 so you will make some money. It is so very important to have sponsors help with your expenses. We have done 5k's with 50 participants and the charity raised $10,000. The low turnout was due to horrible weather conditions. Charity race directors must understand the importance of sponsors. These folks did a fabulous job of covering their bases. Race season is only a few weeks away!