Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Early bird special

One thing you just have to love about Ft.Myers ......early bird specials! You know......eat dinner between 4 pm and 6 pm and get a huge discount. My problem is that I just don't eat dinner that early thus the early bird deal does me no good. I did find plenty of happy hours here from 3 to 6 pm. .99 cent 16oz draft beer got my attention. Believe it or not I get more work done here this time of year than i would at home. I have been working on my website and emailing my contacts about our events in 2010. I had lunch with Mark Toretsky from Lin Mark Computer Sports the other day. We met in Sanibel at Grandma Dots. A nice restaurant on the water. We talked about last years events and about my Delaware Marathon. Best part was he picked up the lunch tab. If you are looking to save money on entry fees next year please sign up early. Most r2r events will have a 3 tier entry fee schedule. An example is our Seven Sister Series. Sign up early and entry fees are $16. Sign up the week of the race and the entry fee is $20. Wait till race morning and the entry fee goes to $25. I know for some the early bird discount will be beneficial. But for those who procrastinate .....well.....expect to pay a bit more. Here in Ft Myers the last race staged had pre entry $15 and day of entry $25. Guess you snooze you loose.