Thursday, December 10, 2009

In kind sponsorship

When ever I work on a budget for a road race I always tell who ever I am hired to work for that sponsors are needed to help pay expenses. In today's world easier said than done. Money sponsors this past year were down. Runners at our events were up. So where does this lead to? In kind sponsors can make a race a financial success. For years Pine Mt. Water Co. donated water to our events. That is one less expense to pay. Someone on a race committee will print 500 copies of the race flyer using company paper and copy machines. One less expense to pay. A committee member owns a restaurant and we decide to stage the race there. No need for porta potties. One less expense to pay. The restaurant will also bring in a food vendor to donate refreshments. One less expense to pay. Now comes the kicker. At our Caesar Rodney Half Marathon I wrote in a blog about the idea of using tech shirts for all runners. But we could not afford both tech shirts and finisher medals. Would someone out there be able to donate these tech shirts? Yes. Mike from the Delaware Running Co. was able to work this out with one of his vendors to have them sponsor our shirts for next years event. Wow! That is a savings to the American Lung Association of over $6,000. De. Running Co. is now a Platinum sponsor for the CR Half. In kind good as money.