Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sold Out!

We only handle two events that we cap participants. One is my DE Marathon and the other my Sprint Tri at St. Andrews School. To be honest with you I really do not like to cap events but in both these cases we have to due to the nature of the routes and locations. We sold out our De Marathon last week with the 600 runners. My tri sold out with 250 participants. When I staged the first DE Marathon back in 2004 we did not have a cap on participants and we even advertised race morning sign ups. What a mistake. Little did I know that so many would enter a 26.2 mile race on event day. With this huge day of race registration we ran out of tee shirts, finisher medals, and refreshments. When we cap an event it is to make sure ALL who register are treated fairly and we have adequate supplies i.e, food, water, tees, cups, medals etc. I have received so many requests asking to join the marathon this year. All have excuses and all have been emailed the same answer. "I will place you on our wait list." I understand that we will have NO shows race day. Hopefully I will be able to get all these folks in our marathon. Stay tuned.