Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Head's up ladies

Just want to share an email .....

Last week, a friend of a friend was jogging (alone) near Rockford very early in the morning and realized she was being followed by a man in a small pick up truck. He was on Del Ave and followed her block for block as she was running up Willard toward the park. By the time she got to Greenhill, she said her instincts kicked in and she turned onto Greenhill instead of heading straight (toward Red Oak/the park) and she sprinted all the way home. When she was running on Greenhill, she noticed that the man had assumed she was going to run up to Red Oak - he had pulled over and was out of his car waiting for her. She was so scared she couldn't get her cell phone out to call 911 so she sprinted right to her house and then called the police later.We sent an email out to as many people we could think of who run... but then today, he followed another friend/colleague. She was in the same exact vicinity - she was out at 5:30am, doesn't run with headphones and so heard his car and noticed she was being followed. She started sprinting and zig zagged a bit down different streets - at one point, he was driving down Bancroft Parkway chasing her, going the wrong way on the street! She managed to dart down a different street and get to her house w/out him seeing her. Then her boyfriend hopped in his car to go and try to find the guy. Luckily, along the way, they saw a police car and stopped it - gave the full report to the officers right then and there - and they caught the guy right on the 1900 block of DE Ave (I think it's near Del Ave and Union).Apparently he was wearing a blue stocking on his head - and when he was pulled over he had a knife on the passenger seat and a bag of stockings on the floor. So scary.He's in custody now - but not sure if they can detain him, so chances are he'll be back out again at some point so BE CAREFUL.