Wednesday, April 15, 2009


April 15th.....we all know the to get those taxes in the mail. If late Uncle Sam will send you a notice that you have been penalized and out comes the check book one more time. Funny....I usually don't get that many voice messages on my work phone. But yesterday I had 19 messages. Not because folks were asking for tax help but many were looking to beat the pre race deadline for our Think First 5k and also for our Delaware marathon. I returned all calls and did my best to accommodate their requests. Just human nature to wait till the last minute not only for signing up for events but paying your taxes too. I would guess we received close to 200 entries for our marathon Monday and Tues. Many relay teams came in as did the half and marathon entries. I could write more but I have to get to my accountants office to pick up my taxes. Deadline know what i mean. Wish me hip replacement surgery is on Friday. I will be the titanium man!