Saturday, May 2, 2009

What is your excuse?

Just thought I'd share a few of the emails I received from those looking to get into our DE Marathon:

This is my sad story.
I couldn't believe it but - when I checked my files - I found that, I had neglected to register, and now registration is closed
I hope that, in these circumstances, you might forgive my memory lapse and allow me to register.

Is there any way I can get registered for the Marathon? My daughter and I were going to go to the race together. We have already made our hotel reservation. She is running the half and I was going to run the marathon. When I tried to sign up about two weeks ago I had trouble with the website. I didn’t know if it was my home computer or just something I was doing wrong. I meant to try registering on my work computer but obviously forgot. At 66 years old, I guess you call that a senior moment.My wife and I had been expecting our first child (due 4/29) and I wanted to make sure everything was good before I signed up (which I was hoping I could do by 5/10). Anyway, our baby girl was born this past Wednesday, I ran my last 20 mile run yesterday, got permission from my wife to run the race, and was set to sign up this morning. If there is any way you can allow me to participate in the race, I would be very, very appreciative -

OK, I screwed up--I have an airplane ticket, but your marathon's full.

I'm part of a running club that is doing Delaware I had to go to Ireland to see my mom and when I came back it has being filled up ,my group are a little upset with me ,let me know if there is any possibility of getting in if not I understand

I just got back from Boston earlier in the week and had planned on doing the marathon and just went on to register and noticed the marathon was full.

I was planning on running the marathon on May 17th. However, I needed to postpone registering because I am graduating from college the day before and was unsure of travel plans. I had finally decided that I would be able to get to Delaware to race on the 17th, but with my horrible luck, the marathons apparently sold out. Is there ANY possible way I can still register?