Sunday, May 10, 2009


This year at our DE Marathon we are using a new sports drink called Vitalyte (available at New Balance DE in Brandywine Commons). I use the term "new" but this company has been around a long time. Doug White introduced me to this product back in 1977. It was then called Gookinad ERG named after the inventor Bill Gookin, a marathon runner, scientist, and teacher. The ERG stands for Electrolyte Replacement with Glucose. Over the years the name changed to Hydrolyte then to Vitalyte. Back in 1977 when I ran the New York City Marathon I drank a glass of ERG prior to race start then when I finished I drank about 24oz. of the lemon flavor. Wow! What a pick me up. I felt like I just had a IV placed in my arm. I have been a customer ever since. The following year I was in San Diego for the Mission Bay Marathon. I went to the expo and met the owner / inventor Bill Gookin. What a nice guy who invented a simple product that works. How did the DE Marathon come to use Vitalyte? The marketing director called me and asked if we would be interested in using Vitalyte as our sports drink for the marathon. As a huge fan I said, "yes." Plus the product was donated. We will be using the lemon flavor at all water stops on the marathon route. It is not too sweet and has NO after taste. I am sure you will agree....this stuff works! Drink up.