Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Team effort

Only days now before our Delaware Marathon. Joel and I both agree that so far so good. We just hope for nice dry cool weather. The emails still come in with folks asking to run the event. The check list of to do is getting smaller. The volunteer groups continue to grow. The phone calls continue to be answered. But this is not just the Wayne and Joel show. It is a team effort which makes our Delaware Marathon Running Festival a success. We have 5 water stops on the course. Teams of high school students will work these stops. We have the PCVRC working the course around Bancroft Parkway. We have the Buckley Strider's working the course in Wawaset Park. We have the Trail Dogs working the course around the Riverfront. We have Joe Atz working with his team around the Brandywine River. And we have 55 Wilmington Police Officers working the key intersections of the course. At the finish line and hospitality tent we have more high school teams to pass out medals and refreshments. In fact Mrs. Delaware, Marci McNair will be there to greet you when you finish. Our medical team consists of volunteers from title sponsor Christiana Care. Also on route will be teams of Christiana Care ham radio operators in communication with medical and police in case of emergency. If running we wish you luck. If volunteering I say, "thank you." If looking to volunteer please contact me. I look forward to race day a bit nervous but knowing my teams of volunteers are ready to go. See you all Sunday.