Friday, May 15, 2009

Two days to go

It is Friday before the marathon. I just picked up the Spalco box truck. Waiting for volunteers to help load up. 2300 tee shirts, signage for course, banners for finish line area, goodie bag items, step ladders, and of course duct tape. Once loaded I head to Tubman Park and leave the truck tillI I return it on Sunday afternoon. Today at Tubman tents are set up, finish line towers are set up, tables and chairs are in place, 20 porta potties are delivered to start finish area, City of Wilmington Show Mobile is put in place, vendor tents put up, dumpster arrives and is now in place. NKS drops off the Michelob Ultra beer truck loaded with 12 kegs of beer and 2000 pint glasses. Grotto Pizza's "BIG RED" will be arriving around noon. At 5 pm volunteers from the YMCA Black Achievers and students from Cecil County Community College will help stuff goodie bags. Grotto Pizza will be served. So much to do ......unreal.